Subscription and Ad Promotion Charges

  • formally merged with Krushi iSiri on Jan 05, 2018. is owned by "Krushi iSiri" and is part of its Service Offerings. You can reach out to us through any of the listed contact methods on the contact form

User Subscriptions - For Buyers - Some one looking to buy agriculture/farm land.

  • Unlimited Full Year - (365 days) Website Subscription Membership for 1 full year. 4000 Rs
  • Subscribe and get access to the existing collection of (Agriculture / Farm land) advertisements for FREE
  • Unlimited 1 Month - (30 days) - Website Subscription Membership of 1 month. 2000 Rs
  • Subscribe and get access to the existing collection of (Agriculture / Farm land) advertisements for FREE

How to Access Contact Details? -

  • Credits would be added to the user's account within 24 Hours on confirmation of payment.
  • Once you have logged-in and opened the ad page, Click on [SEE ADVERTISERS DATA] button and you would be able to get the details.
  • If you are connecting through a desktop/laptop - you would see the button on the RIGHT SIDE BAR. If you are accessing through Cell Phone/Tablets - You would need to scroll towards the bottom of the ad page..

Terms -

  • We cannot assure the listed contact numbers are always reachable. There are practical scenarios where numbers may be unreachable for reasons that are beyond our control..
  • Agriculture Farm lands have long cycles and we have seen examples of properties still being unsold after long cycles. Published Date is displayed on each of the ads and its your choice to check the advertiser details. No guarantees on property being available or sold. There are also practical scenarios where the lister may change his/her mind on either sell/hold-back/postpone the process. These are beyond our control.
  • Properties are listed by individuals who are direct owners, some times on behalf of the owner (their friends or acquaintances) and also by Agents, There are practical scenarios where the same property is listed by both owner and agent, and at two different price points.
  • Your account would be valid for Three months / Six months / one year from the date of the payment. You would be able to access the data on the existing ads for free with out any additional charges.

Premium Packages - For Sellers - For some one looking to sell their Property -

  • Premium Listings (for sellers/ad poster's) --- 1200 Rs/Listing. (6 months) - First Page - First Look, Top of Mind Recall. Get the enquiries land directly in your inbox.

Premium Ads - Information -

  • Premium Ads is a premium service from which allows you to display your Ad in a designated area and highlight your Ad giving it better visibility.
  • Premium Ad is eye-catching and distinguishable from the normal Ads:
    • Premium Ads appear on Home Page.
    • Premium Ads appear on the top of the search results in a separate section.
    • Premium Ads also appear under "All Ads" with a highlighted background.
    • All Premium Ads contain a “Premium” tag.
    • The Premium Ads appear based on the location and sub-category opted by the user.
  • The Premium Ad appears on our site within 24 Hours of making the payment and upon meeting the requirements of our Posting Rules and Premium Ads Terms of Use.
  • The Ad will remain active as Premium Ad on our site for the period for which you purchase it.
  • Premium Ad can be canceled/deleted by your request to us, however, payment made will not be refunded. Please note that packages cannot be canceled.

Disclaimer -

  • We do not guarantee an increase of a specified quantum in the responses received by you and any representation on the Website in this regard is merely indicative.

Refund Policy -

  • Since offers non-tangible irrevocable goods ( i.e. information sharing, advertising and marketing services), we do not issue refunds once the order has been sucessfully placed and appropriate services/resources have been added to customer's account.

How to Pay -

  • is owned by "Krushi iSiri" and is part of its Service Offerings. You can pay by clicking the relavant [GREEN] Payment button's above through Payment Gateway or You Can transfer through any of the below listed app based payment options.
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